The Resource The range wolf, Andrew J. Fenady

The range wolf, Andrew J. Fenady

The range wolf
The range wolf
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Andrew J. Fenady
"Christopher Guthrie was bred by money, educated by Harvard, saved from the Civil War by an oak desk in Washington D.C. Towering, fierce Wolf Riker was honed by a kind of suffering Guthrie could never imagine. Fate throws these two men together when a stagecoach from Baton Rouge is set upon by killers. The price for Guthrie's survival is joining Riker's trail drive to Kansas, a mad, brawling charge of longhorns and backstabbers. Guthrie is soon bound by Riker's rules, surrounded by his kill-crazy crew, surviving one danger after another and protecting a beautiful young woman as he goes. And it will be here, amidst floods and battles, cut off from his past and civilization, that Christopher Guthrie will emerge a different man -- for better or worse. As for Wolf Riker, he is running from demons from which only God Himself can save him--"--Page 4 of cover
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The range wolf, Andrew J. Fenady
"Pinnacle western"--Spine
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